Monday 8 June 2009

Want to know your audience?

For a few years in my career I was responsible for setting up web log analysis software to generate reports for various clients so that they could see what sort of value for money they were getting from their websites - at least in terms of the number of visitors, their location (approximate), which pages they were going to, what search engine queries they had used to find the site, etc., etc.

Webtrends suited us for a number of years, but then had a change in pricing model as they targeted major websites, so I evaluated a few other products and came across Weblog Expert which had enough features to be practical as a replacement and was in the right price range for some of our external clients.

Now that I am posting some content on my own little blog that is hosted somewhere that (presumably) won't allow me access to raw log files, I have had to look into other options. Google Analytics seems to do a reasonable job of producing pretty graphs and lets me know that my audience level is about the same as might hear me thinking aloud, but not quite as large as might hear me singing in the shower - neither of which I do often.

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