Tuesday 16 June 2009

Get rich quick scams advertising on Facebook

Since I tried tricking the context-sensitive advertising system into not showing me all the dating sites, I have noticed quite a few advertisements that looked to good to be true, in other words scams.

Out of curiousity I have clicked on some links and found that they show up as a fake site designed to give the appearance of an online newspaper with a journalist's report on their "product".

If you see a site asking you to pay a small fee to get a package explaining how you can make thousands of £s (or $s) by using Google from home - know to avoid it. It's just common sense, that when these people go out of their way to mislead the public they are up to no good.

I have read about some people being foolish enough to give their credit card details - and then seeing monthly charges that they had not approved, or had missed in some obscured "terms and conditions".

Be sure to report such misleading advertising if you come across it on Facebook etc.

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