Thursday 25 June 2009

Grails Bug Fixing Sprint

I was just perusing the Grails User mailing list and came across a post by Graeme Rocher asking for the community to let him know what bugs are "hurting" the most.

As part of the movement towards greater stability outlined as a key objective on the roadmap for Grails 1.2 "Bedivere", Graeme is heading up a bug fixing crusade targeting what is going to produce the greatest value to the active users - that means me, and maybe even you!

If you want to get your 2 cents in on the informal "vote", head over to the Grails Jira to see whether your issue has already been reported. If it hasn't then the best way to see to it that your issue gets attention is to add a Jira entry - make sure you give sufficient details about how to repeat the bug or unexpected behaviour, or risk seeing it drop down in the priority list.

On a slightly unrelated note, I wonder if someone will produce a plugin with a silly title, such as "holy hand grenade of Antioch"? The penny is just tropping for me as to the naming of releases and the Grails product itself.

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