Friday 20 April 2012

Goals for May 2012

Having set aside the next couple of weeks to myself, I think some goals should be set so that I will be able to look back with some sense of achievement.

Goal 1: Get up to date with Java 7
Motivation: Java 6 will be officially at the end of its life this November.

Goal 2: Dabble with Neo4J
Motivation: I'm curious about ways of storing data without a conventional relational database, and I have a few ideas about graphs that I would like to manipulate in code.

Goal 3: Produce a simple prototype of a web-based application using websockets.
Motivation: Preparation for approaching real world problems with a base level of knowledge about how they can be solved.

My "couple of weeks" plan has been expanded out to three weeks, as I won a pass to a 3 day conference Progressive NOSQL Tutorials which has so far given me some hands on experience with MongoDB.  Tomorrow will cover Neo4J.