Friday 12 June 2009

Declaring directives in Grails

I thought that I may have been missing some subtle aspect about programming in Groovy when I noticed some code that was trying to specify the transactional behaviour of a service.

According to the Grails documentation the way to specify this is by including a static variable named transactional and set it to true or false.

The default behaviour (without the existence of this static variable) is true.

In a number of cases, including the 2nd edition of The Definitive Guide to Grails I didn't see the static keyword preceding the transactional variable name (I've submitted errata for the offending code snippets).

In the world of Java development, I would hope that my IDE would pick up cases where it appeared as though I had made a simple error. Can anyone out there advise me of whether this sort of thing is being included in the development of the various plugins for IDEs at the moment?

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