Thursday 4 June 2009

Technologies I am currently looking into

Here's a list of tools / libraries / methodologies that I am hoping to reading about and have a play with while I some spare time on my hands.

TestNG - why use it instead of JUnit? How does its support for running tests in parallel work?

JSF 2 - what's changed since I last used RichFaces, Facelets etc.? Is it now possible to utilise the various open source widgets side-by-side?

Groovy - What cool features are there that I haven't already come across in using Grails?

easyb - will this give maximum value by allowing developers to write tests more rapidly (Groovy vs Java), and have the tests more human readable?

  • STS (Spring Tool Suite)
  • Spring 3.0
  • Spring Security 3 - initial overview makes me want to have a play with the @PreAuthorize and @PostFilter annotations, the codebase tidy up should make it easier to get setup up too.
  • Roo
  • tc Server
  • DM Server
  • OSGi support
Google Wave

Google App Engine - just got an account set up, installing exclipse plugin ...

Google Web Driver - an alternative to Selenium

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