Tuesday 2 June 2009

The perils of specialisation

I had an interesting meeting today. It involved the phrase, "we're letting you go".

I wasn't expecting to be made redundant, but evidently these things happen in Start-ups when a major release slips.

The last-in first-out decision was probably made easier for the company by the fact that I was the main Grails developer and they are considering Grails as a slightly immature and fragile environment "okay for prototyping but just too flakey on upgrades" etc. to be considered for deployment in the wild.

I've had a few job specs sent through from agencies already, so here's hoping the market is more buoyant than when I first arrived in London.

My CV now looks a bit more impressive, as I have been using Grails, Groovy, Apache Velocity, SpringMVC, subversion, c3p0 JDBC connection pooling, MySQL - including stored procedures and the event scheduler of version 5.1

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