Monday 4 October 2010

More Spring bashing than usual at The Server Side?

I haven't really paid much attention to The Server Side website for a couple of years, but I had a glance around it this evening when trying out how things look on the iPad.

I came across an article entitled Moving from Spring to Java EE 6: The Age of Frameworks is Over which reminded me of a lengthy blog post that I had read recently Spring to Java EE – A Migration Experience. Sure enough the article ended by linking through to that blog post.

As I first read the blog post I sensed a definite anti-Spring sentiment, and couldn't help but notice that JBoss technologies were being name-dropped and linked to throughout. Sure enough the blog was authored by a JBoss / RedHat employee.

I suppose it would be asking too much for some kind of impartiality in the world of commercial software (if you dig deep enough you might suppose that the author of the article on The Server Side has some interest in a Java EE resurgence, given the books he has authored).

When I recently attended a couple of presentations of JEE6 and Glassfish 3 given by Arun Gupta I got to thinking that the CDI annotations would allow de-coupling from the dependency injection framework in much the same way as JPA can reduce dependence on a persistence provider (e.g. Hibernate, Eclipselink).

Just my thoughts, which are probably biased.

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