Monday 4 October 2010

Mobile development experience

Even before acquiring my iPad (today) I have been thinking more seriously about getting into developing for mobile platforms.

I have been along to a couple of presentations about Android and cross-platform development for Android and iPhone so have picked up some useful ideas.

Since I don't have a Mac I think I will have to target the Android platform first.

Hopefully the development won't involve as much trial and error as was required for the Windows Mobile development work I did for Pocket PC applications a few years ago.

Anyone remember the HP iPAQ? That's the sort of platform that we were targeting back then - along with the early generation of 3G phones that came with Windows Mobile.

The .net Compact Framework didn't really have enough ways of hooking into the capabilities of the device back then, so we had to resort to integrating third party Visual C++ DLLs to get at the text messaging and GPS capabilities for location based services.

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