Thursday 30 July 2009

Senior developer now

My new job has been running quite smoothly so far, although the seniority aspect is a little different to what I was expecting as most of my teammates are recent graduates or still studying.

Today I got that "hmm, maybe I am getting old" feeling when one of my colleagues mentioned that he would only have been five or six years old around the timeframe I was describing. It started off as a, "what's this WSDL file for?" question that lead me to explain a bit about what it is and how it is used etc. I then dug a bit deeper and mentioned how a similar concept called CORBA had been around since the mid-nineties but was largely considered as a legacy approach these days.

I wonder what will be the equivalent of punch cards when younger people hear about my historical experiences of using computers? Loading programs onto the ZX Spectrum by casette tape is about as historic as I get (and I still have a working 48k Spectrum in storage back in New Zealand).

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