Wednesday 15 July 2009

It's a numbers game - Java developer interviews

Today I heard that I was definitely the second choice, out of the final four candidates that were interviewed for a Java developer role last week. I hadn't been pressuring the agent for feedback, and he was quite keen on emphasizing that the company will be looking to grow further in the coming months - hopefully I won't still be available then.

On Wednesday morning I have my first face-to-face interview with another company who interviewed me by phone last Monday. After the phone interview they had another eight or nine candidates to speak to, so I've already made it to the final three.

Unrelated to the job interviews, I've started noticing that some of the people that are following me on Twitter don't appear to be interested in the topics that I am tweating about. If I see that they are following more than three times the number of people who are following them, then it reinforces my theory that they are just trying to increase their popularity for no good reason - so I block them.

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