Friday 3 July 2009

I know there's a heatwave on, but where's my cloud gone?

Thursday was not a good day to be deploying updates to my hobby application on Google's App Engine.

Early in the day I had been making some good progress with refactoring my client UI, and adding some intelligence to the server side for allowing game rules to start to take effect, but by mid-afternoon I noticed that I was unable to redeploy my application.

Secure in the knowledge that nothing of signicance had changed at my end, I continued to work offline - on paper even - for some design considerations that needed to be addressed soon anyway.

All going well, I should have something fully functional by the weekend.

My original plan of using Javascript for the client didn't feel right, as it didn't look particularly pretty even after a fair amount of fiddling around with CSS. So, I have gone down the Java Applet path with a Swing UI. Next version may even use JavaFX.

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