Tuesday 22 October 2019

How NOT to use LinkedIn

I've recently taken the decision to look for a new job.  Much like most of my other career moves I have chosen to leave a comfortable position, treating looking for the next one as a full time endeavour - rather than being sneaky and booking a "dentist appointment" or taking time off to attend interviews.

In this modern era I thought that I would not need to update my CV, as LinkedIn is the go to place for publicising that I am available, and I have kept my profile there relatively up to date and complete.

My main discovery of the last few days has been that the "Projects" section in a LinkedIn profile is not very prominent.  For example, if I choose to export my profile as a PDF document then none of the project information will be included.

The significance of this issue was reinforced when I attempted to export my LinkedIn profile across to a third party system as part of applying for a job.  Sure enough none of the project information was carried across.

With this in mind, I will be restructuring my profile so that the key aspects of my project experiences will also be mentioned in the high level description section for each job that I have held.  This should prevent the unpleasant experience of having to fill in a lot of gaps in face to face interviews where interviewers have only seen the top level of my LinkedIn profile as that has been provided to them by their recruiter.

I've also seen this situation as a reason to finally get around to buying and installing Word on my Mac, rather than cranking up my 11 year old Windows laptop for updating a CV to circulate.

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