Monday 21 October 2019

Contributions to open source - it's not just about hardcore coding

Just a listing of some contributions that I have made to open source software, from creating my own code to making a third party's documentation a little bit more readable.

Created plugin for GoCD continuous integration server to enable polling of status of application in Cloud Foundry.

- Identified code change in Apache Camel that resulted in messages being deleted from an AWS SQS queue even when the application logic encountered an error path.

At the time we had a situation where a regular trickle of events would normally fail to process, resulting in retries and ultimately being automatically moved onto a dead letter queue.

When the DLQ stopped receiving messages it took a while to trace back what had changed.  As an aside, this type of situation can be considered as a good motivation for making small distinct changes - this is where a continuous deployment pipeline is a real enabler.
CAMEL-9405 - Amazon SQS message deletion behaviour change on exception

- vavr (formerly known as javaslang).
Some wording tweaks

- Jenkins CI
Bugfix in translation perl script

- AdoptOpenJDK Docker image scripts
Correction to comment

- IntelliJ IDEA Findbugs plugin
Typo in label shown in IDE

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