Wednesday 28 November 2012

Migrating SOAP client generation

After returning from a week long holiday, I have started into a new project at work.  Unlike the previous project, this one involves adding features and fixing bugs in existing code.

After setting up the development environment and an end-to-end analysis and explanation to a colleague of how the system seems to be making use of Spring MVC, we took a look through the POM files to get an impression of what components and versions are involved.

Based on experience from a previous job, I advised my co-worker that we might want to migrate away from using Axis 1 as it isn't actively developed (last release 2006).  After browsing between the official websites for Axis, Axis2 and CXF we returned back to the end to end POM checking.

A day or so later, my first development task for the project came through from the Berlin side of the development effort - replace the use of Axis with JAX-WS.

It's reassuring to be in a team that recognise the same candidates for improvement as I see.

On the technical side, here are some links to the resources that I found most useful:

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