Tuesday 30 August 2011

I guess it just wasn't meant to be

Back in August 2010 I decided to leave my job to find a more satisfying role while I still had a reasonable amount of time left on my visa.

A few weeks later I received an unsolicited approach from someone who I had never met, but who now worked at Autoquake and had liked the look of my LinkedIn profile.  I had interviewed with Autoquake before and had actually been offered a position, but hadn't liked the fact that they were still a start-up.

This time around there would be fresh faces from a team that had previously worked together on highly successful well-known web applications etc. etc.  So I agreed to another interview.

I was a bit rusty in the interview process, and unsurprisingly was not able to come up with a brilliant solution to a problem that had taken them quite some time to solve with 5 minutes at the whiteboard.

I wasn't entirely surprised not to hear back from any of the people who had interviewed me that time around, though it wasn't particularly courteous or professional of them.

Today I came across something which reminded me of the company, so I tried some Googling, only to find that they no longer exist:

It's just as well I didn't place much value on the stock options they included in their package offer first time around.

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