Friday 20 February 2015

Go CD Cloud Foundry plugin

In February 2015 I developed a Go CD server plugin to enable triggering of builds when a Cloud Foundry application has been deployed.

This post is intended as an introduction to how to use this plugin.

A starting assumption is that you already have the plugin installed on your Go CD server.

Update: Binary jars are available:

The source code is also available on Github:

Step 1

Navigate to the Package Repositories section of the Admin menu

Add a new repository with your CloudFoundry API credentials.
Update: In version 1.0.1 the password property has changed to be secured - so you won't see it in cleartext the way is is shown here.

To make sure that you have supplied the correct credentials - and confirm that your Go server can connect to Cloud Foundry you can use the Check Connection button before choosing to save the configuration.

You're now ready to include some Cloud Foundry configuration to a build pipeline with your newly available repository.

Step 2

The Check Package button will trigger a check on two levels - first that the supplied credentials can log in, and second that an application exists which starts with the specified App Name.

Step 3

The next step in your pipeline definition depends on what you want to do when a change is detected.  From the example settings above there will be an environment variable called GO_PACKAGE_MYCLOUDFOUNDRYDEV_SERVICEX_LABEL set with the latest matching detected app version.

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