Sunday 28 December 2014

Need to exclude referral spam from Analytics reports

It turns out that some unusual referral URLs in my Blog's Google Analytics reports a few weeks ago were not a one off anomaly by a sneaky spammer.  If I followed the referral URL I got forwarded on to Amazon with some affiliate details - so they'd get a kickback for any purchases I made.

Today I see over a hundred visits from the Russian city Samara, along with large numbers of referrals from domains that have nothing in common with the content of my blog.

I'm contemplating moving the blog to another platform so that I can have greater control over the behaviour for blocking dodgy referrers.  For the time being I will have to settle for adding some filters to the Google Analytics reports as these dodgy referrers come in - so far just blocking one city is sufficient.

I would have hoped that the spammer would realise that my blog does not publish a list of backlinks to sites that have linked to my posts, so there is no value in "visiting" from his dodgy sites.

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