Tuesday 26 August 2014

Running Docker on Mac

Tonight's mission - get an application from the day job up and running on one of my Macs at home...

So, Docker is designed to run on top of a Linux kernel - which Mac OS X obviously doesn't offer.

A quick Google leads to:

which directs me to Boot2Docker :

Open the downloaded package and double click to install the VM image

Binaries are now on the path and ready to run from a command line terminal:

> boot2docker init
> boot2docker start

Then the top secret bit for pulling down the Dockerised application...

Tweak the configuration properties to use the newly created Docker host instead of the hand-coded Linux environment's Docker configuration (host IP address).

Run the application's tests.

Let out a satisfied "Aaah" or "Mmm" (optional).

This all took about 20 minutes, but most of the time was spent waiting on downloads.

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