Friday 31 May 2013

MongoDB Java driver randomness - it's only logging, but

I saw a number or people on Twitter yesterday posting a link to some "interesting" code in MongoDB's Java driver github.

The strange code located inside some exception handling included the following:

                if (!((_ok) ? true : (Math.random() > 0.1))) {
                    return res;

I know my own code isn't always a shining example to be held up as the one true way of doing things, but seriously doubt that I have ever produced something as inexplicable as that.

I briefly tried to trace back the history to determine how long this has been around and whether there is a meaningful commit comment, but was in the middle of other more important things (lunch) and gave up.

The latest theory I have heard is that the code was introduced as an approach to reduce the amount of noise in logging of the exception.  I don't expect to see this recommended as a pattern any time soon.

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