Friday 14 May 2010

S2G Forum London

A couple of months ago I booked today off work to attend the Spring Source S2G forum.

Unfortunately due to a looming deadline and issues arising back at the office, I felt compelled to miss the last couple of sessions but I still felt that I learnt enough from the day to make it worthwhile.

Mark Thomas did a good job of outlining some of the new features to be expected in Apache Tomcat 7.0.

Rod Johnson was good value with some self-deprecating humour when his live demonstration of Roo struck a couple of hiccups.

I was impressed with Roo's approach to round-trip code generation via AspectJ.

The main disappointment from the day was the thought that my currently planned projects are dependent on a third party - so I can't simply pick up Spring 3.0, Roo and Tomcat 7 for the next green-ish field development.

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