Tuesday 5 January 2010

Geek meetups

Earlier this evening I attended the London eXtreme Tuesday Club for only my second time.

It was an interesting couple of hours of casual geeky conversation, including a live demo of some Erlang code for a handful of the group huddled around a netbook.

The general discussion around Scalar and Erlang reminded me of my first year of studying computer science at university, as our COSC122 course introduced a functional programming language (HUGS: Haskell User's Gofer System) with similar constructs to the currently trendy highly concurrent languages.

Hearing people talk about how Postgres is under-rated, and reminiscing about Perl made me feel a little old and nostalgic - in a good way. I like being able to nod knowingly when people mention the GIS capabilities, having compiled the PostGIS capabilities in from source for a couple of projects.

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