Tuesday 6 October 2009

Cunning spammers on Twitter?

Today I had yet another "follower" on my Twitter account. Someone who I'd never heard off, in a line of business that I have no interest in etc.

Sure enough their following vs follower count was up around 1,000 to 50.

Being an IT type person, I try to look for patterns for such things. I notice that this particular individual had the bulk of their posts listed as being sent using something called Seesmic.

According to their website, the Seesmic catch phrase is "Build your community. Given that the first sentence on their home page is, "A desktop client to manage your lifestream from Facebook & multiple Twitter accounts", I'm picking that they could be helping people to spam via social networks.

The words that raise a red flag for me are multiple Twitter accounts.

If you're using Twitter to follow people and organisations then 1,000 would seem a bit excessive a number to be acvtively following.

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