Thursday 17 September 2009

The state of agile

A few weeks ago I attended an XTC (eXtreme Tuesday Club) meeting in London which was based around people reporting on what their experience of Agile 2009 was.

The whole arrangement was unlike any kind of meeting that I have attended before. A bunch of people with similar interests meet in a room at a pub in central London and socialise. There were no announcements or presenters up the front.

I met a chap called Tom Gilb who showed me a few of the nice features of the new iPhone S - including some video capture, editing, and uploading to Twitter.

The only report back about Agile 2009 that I managed to (over)hear was Uncle Bob Martin saying something along the lines of, "It was okay, but there was nothing new".

It was reassuring to read a blog post this evening that indicated that other luminaries in the agile community were thinking along the same lines. It made me realise that Uncle Bob was not being cynical - and he definitely does not come across as that kind of guy. (He even didn't mind signing a book that I had in my bag from his Robert C. Martin series - even though it was authored by Michael Feathers).

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