Friday 15 May 2009

Not quite the bleeding edge of technology, but

The upgrade to Grails 1.1.1 wasn't quite as painless as I had been hoping it would be.

It was versioned as a minor release and had a fair number of Jira issues fixed - including several that had been hindering progress and could ultimately lead to Grails being pushed aside as the platform of choice in the next week or so - so I figured it was worth being an early adopter (upgrading within an hour of the release announcement).

Twitter came in handy for the first issue - a Windows batch script had an out of date version number embedded in it and other had struck the same issue.

We're now stuck on a version mismatch issue somewhere in the mirky mists of Maven and potentially out of date plugins.

My post to the mailing list has gotten some responses from other users in the same situation, so I wouldn't be surprised to find a solution in my inbox when I get to work in the morning (or am I being the optimistic software developer?).

I'm still unsure whether I want to stick with Grails, or go back to Java and Spring. Using Groovy has reminded me of my years of developing ASP pages in Perl - not much care for type safety (if you don't want it).

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